Here we will summarize all questions regarding the online design event 2020.


we'd like to know if it is allowed to have some of the members in chatrooms who will not be presenting? We'd like to have at least one of our younger members in every chatroom so they can experience first hand the Engineering event. Also, is it allowed for a member to enter a chatroom which is not stated as an area of interest in the TMRF?

Yes that is possible. We will provide every chatroom moderator with a list of all people they can accept from the team. All people, who will not be on that list (based on the TMRF), will not be accepted to the chatroom. You can mark multiple chatrooms. There will be in total 6 chatrooms.

Can the suspension and Vehicle Dynamics room be only one for our team? As our suspension and Vehicle Dynamics head is just one person.

This is not a problem. Just contact us before the event, if you would like to combine 2 or more rooms, when you haven't enough teammembers for this topic.

The Low Voltage, High Voltage and the Motor and Motor Controller will be asked in Electronics and Control systems room?

The plan is to talk about the following topics in drivetrain: Motor, Inverter, Accumulator, Energy Management, Cooling, Recuperation. It will be more about the high voltage parts. In the Electronics and Controls following topics should be discussed: Electronic circuits, Control systems, Data Management, Safety System, cable harness. This will be more about the low voltage part. Since both topics have some overlap, it could be that for example some questions about the inverter will be asked in the drivetrain (integration in powertrain, efficiency, cooling, etc) and in the electronics (electronic circuit, control software/algorithm,...). The best is, that some people of you might change the chatroom, although we will try our best that this does not happen

Where do we have to submit the introduction video? Do we have to send a google drive link containing the design reports and the introduction video?

We will provide a link in your team account, that you can upload the video in mp4 or something similiar and also the possibility to upload a commentary textfile, where you can provide a link if you would like to.

The design event will take place in 6 specific chatrooms, could you please let us know what will be asked in the Main Concept chatroom? The main concept behind designing the car or Team Management?

Both the team Management and the Main design of the car will be judged here. The discussion should be about how you manage to merge all of the different parts/departments together to build a vehicle. How do you include factors like manpower/time and other ressources in the design of your vehicle.

Will, we get feedback in some designs which are not actually implemented but are kept for future improvements?

Yes we can give feedback to such designs, but keep in mind, that you should first cover this years car before presenting new designs. If there is time left at the end of the presentation you can discuss future improvements with the judges.

We had a query regarding the templates of the EDR and DSS. Do we have to follow any particular template for the EDR and DSS or would the FSG template be enough?

In your team account (scrolled down), you can upload the DSS and the EDR. For the DSS, we do have a xlsx template, which you can download when you click on the name „Design Spec sheet“. As I remember, there is no template for the EDR. Feel free to upload a pdf, as you see it fit to describe your engeneering process. In the FSG Rules there are some specifications regarding the EDR. For the online event, we will not limit the pages, so that you can provide more pictures of the car.

In the time-slot of the Discussion, after the introduction of the judges and team when every member is in their specific chatroom, the members firstly have to do their presentation of their design and then the discussion? Or is it only the discussion?

It is up to you, if you want to do the presentation and then discuss everything afterwards, of if you want to do a piecewise presentation and discuss each topic directly.

There is a limitation of members in chat rooms?

There shouldn’t be more then 80 people, because of the limitation of the tool.

About the video presentation option, I would like to know how the concept of the video has to be. In the video there has to be all the members that will do Design, or visual material?

The video should focus on the technical part of the vehicle. For example you can shoot a video of the finished vehicle and make a small tour, since you probably cannot show the vehicle directly in the meeting. Or you could show some viedos of interesting steps of the manufacturing.