Informations regarding COVID-19

Here we will keep you updated on the changes of FS Switzerland 2020 due to COVID-19


[22.3.2020] No Formula Student Switzerland Competition in 2020

Dear Teams, friends, families, and fans of Formula Student,

The current spread of the Corona Virus/CoViD19 requests responsible actions from all of us.

Formula Student is a competition and concept that has been developed around teamwork. Working together to create something unique, something meaningful and to learn a lot whilst doing it. I hope we all agree that Formula Student is one of the greatest experiences in learning if not in life.

However, we as organizers and effectively all of us and you have to put the protection of our loved ones that are at the highest risk above our personal interest. For that reason it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to postpone any Formula Student activities of 2020.

This means: We will not execute the planned competition event. We will not execute an alternative event at a later time in 2020. We will not continue to master any deadlines for 2020. We are not expecting any submission of documents for 2020 anymore. > We are pressing a big “freeze” button. We strongly advise that all teams seize to work in physical proximity/groups on cars or in offices.
Dear Teams,
These are complicated times. Please understand, that these measures are not about trying to level the playing field by restricting your very valued work.
These times are about your responsibility towards others, to protect their health.
We would like to ask you take it seriously and not take any unnecessary risks. This is an appeal to your common sense.

This decision naturally raises a number of questions, such as the impact on registration fees, potential participation in future events etc etc. We do not have all the answers yet and need some time to clarify these per the competitions. So please give us some time to communicate more details. We however wanted to inform you as soon as possible without any delays.

We will certainly inform you about future plans for events with appropriate time to prepare for it (long term).

Please respect and act according to the recommendations/legislation in your individual country and especially the World Health Organisation.

This might be a chance in a lifetime to achieve something great by actually doing nothing! (Slowing the spread down).

We hope you understand that this decision is without an alternative.

Please stay healthy,
Formula Student Switzerland

[15.3.2020] Submission deadline

Due to the impact of measures against the spread of COVID-19, we would like to make the following announcement:

We are aware of the situation and understand the difficulties your team may face. The most important thing now is your own safety and the safety of all others around you. We ask you to follow the instructions and advice given by local authorities and the WHO. This means reducing your contacts to an absolute minimum even if you don't show any symptoms. Building a Formula Student car is not an absolutely necessary thing to do!

It is too early to say if there will be any changes in the event planning of Formula Student Switzerland 2020. We would like to ask you to stick to the given deadlines and help us in ensuring a rapid review process and provide early feedback, for your educational experience. Currently, we grant the following exceptions regarding the upcoming deadlines:

For those teams that are currently affected and are unable to fully meet the IAD and SES upload deadline of 2020-03-20 13:00 CET:

- IAD and SES uploads that are incomplete due to missing test data, will be accepted.
- Please include the timeframe of any suspended activities affecting your Formula Student team, and an estimate of when you think you can upload the updated and completed document (within the IAD on the second page and within the SES: tab "Version History").
- Optionally, add a proposal for a makeshift solution/contingency plan. Early feedback can then be provided.

Beyond this, we will ensure and make all efforts to minimize the consequences for you and your team. Account for regular updates and keep yourself and us informed. If you have any questions after reading this announcement, let us know through the rules tracker - including "COVID-19".

Take good care, kind regards,
Formula Student Austria
Formula Student Germany
Formula Student Netherlands
Formula Student Spain
Formula Student Switzerland